Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knittin' Season Part 2

Here are closeups of the first hat I made and the baby hat.

This is the last hat I made so far. I like the three colors together and I am knitting a scarf to go with it. I plan to try other patterns and color combinations as I grow more and more comfortable with using the round loom. I also hope to figure out how to create a cable stitch on the loom, or at least something that is similar to that.

The Beginning of Knitting Season

The Knitting Bug has officially bitten, and now that I've bene knitting over the past few weeks, I've got lots to show you!

First of all, this is the loom set I received as a gift, and then I just bought some Homespun yarn to practice with. I should have written down the color but I don't recall what it is now. Maybe later I'll go to Lions Brand website and look it up.
There are a set of 4 looms enclosed, and I used the blue one and the green one so far.
This is a photo of the second hat in progress. The first hat was easy to make and only took two hours to do. I didn't make much of a brim on it since it was just practice, and when I first started I wound the yarn on too tightly and it was nearly impossible to knit that way so I had to start over. I found that making sure the yarn is somewhat loose helps make knitting easier. But the first hat, even though I used the Homespun yarn which is weightier, is too light. You can see your hand through it, so I decided to double the yarn as I used it for every hat after that. The first hat would be good just to keep a light chill off your head in the early Fall. The first hat is the one on the bottom left.
This was an experimental hat I made where I tried to create a "bump" in the middle of the hat, but I don't think it came out right. Maybe if the bump were a different color or shape?