Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back in the Zone

I got some artwork done, which is great. At first it felt a little mechanical, but then my creative zone kicked in and I was able to start drawing freely. Now I notice that even if I only have a moment to draw, the creative zone kicks in faster. I can enter in and draw without having to warm up, and the piece will look as though it may have been completed in a few sittings rather than the long time it is taking for it to be created.

The Wild Kingdom continues...
This week I saw a baby fox in our yard.

At first it was at the back of the yard, gnawing on a bone, presumably something it had killed. Then it wandered about, nibbling on things crawling about in the grass that I couldn't see. I stood still and took pictures of it. It came closer and closer until it was only 10 feet away, and that's when I got this picture:

It looked up when it heard the camera click. I moved, and it scampered away. When I looked out the window later on, it was still in the yard but further away.

And every night we can hear the cows across the street mooing. Even with the doors and windows closed, you can hear them pretty well.

I'm almost halfway done with writing my book, yay! I hope you will read it. It's about how a creative person can connect to God through quiet time and so much more than that.

Also, I wanted to include some pictures of the last two scarves I had loom knitted for two dear friends:

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