Thursday, August 13, 2009

I GOT BIT, and other news

I notice that the days are getting shorter again, and suddenly, out of nowhere… OUCH!!! I got bit! Right on my hands! Feels like I got bit on my heart too. Uh, oh…. It was the KNITTING BUG! The loom knitting species, to be exact. I was all set to get started the other night but other chores got in the way. My wife bought me some round looms for Father’s Day that I haven’t used yet, but I took them out of the package so that they would invite me to get busy at a moment’s notice. I hope to set about starting my first hat before the weekend is out. I’ll keep you posted.

Sometimes friends can influence you more than you realize. I have a friend who recently challenged me to reach out and be more open to people and positive experiences, which is a good thing. Knowing him, he’s probably reading this right now with a bit of a chuckle. This is also something I’ve been challenged with at church as of late. All of the challenges have shown me areas where I need to improve, and I’m certain this will become evident in my art over time.

I’ve also rediscovered an interest in art therapy. It has been years since I thought about art therapy, but lately I have been giving art therapy exercises to a friend and it has been exciting to see his progress. I have to do more research to see if it is a serious or capricious interest. Right now it seems like a serious interest.

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