Monday, October 12, 2009

Knit knit!

That's what a friend said to me the other night as I was logging off, and I loved it! Then I thought to myself, I really am addicted to loom knitting now. I was on YouTube the other day looking for new loom knitting techniques and I found quite a few. I tried one called the honeycomb, and here's how it turned out:
This is a closeup of the loom with the honeycomb pattern. It was so much easier being able to follow along watching someone do it on YouTube! It makes the pattern on the scarf much larger and bolder.
These are the two projects I was working on last week:

I made the hat using three different kinds of LionsBrand Homespun yarn I had leftover from other projects. It is tightly woven together, as opposed to how loose and gently the honecomb pattern feels.
Next up: I will master the baby hat and booties.

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