Saturday, February 19, 2011

100 Days

My daughter's school just celebrated 100 days of school. I'm not sure why, but they asked parents to work with their kids on a project that they could wear and also a project on paper. I helped her with both. Below is the outfit I helped her make:

She added the glitter at the bottom, I added the felt and sequins at the top. You had to have 100 items on the shirt, so I sewed 100 sequins by hand onto the number 100. This was taken after she wore the shirt, and it had more glitter on the bottom when we first worked on it:

Here is the back:
I cut her name out of felt and sewed it onto the shirt, then added a few sequins for the i-dot.

To be honest I didn't see what the big deal was about celebrating 100 days of school; we never did it when I was growing up. But once I finished the project, I thought about what I want to do for next year.

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My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

Very pretty shirt, your daughter is very fortunate to have such a wonderfully creative Dad :)