Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Hurricane Pic

As I'm sure you know, we are expecting Hurricane Irene today here on the East Coast in NJ. I took this photo earlier today (in Hunterdon County) before the steady rain started. The weather was cool and I thought to myself, I ought to get out and do some yardwork before the storm comes, but I wasn't really sure when the rain was going to start so I left the yardwork alone. The steady rain didn't start until 5pm.

I will post pictures from the storm's aftermath once it's over.


Little Iron Horse said...

Stay safe and dry Greg. We have NJ tourists here where I live in Nova Scotia. They are quite worried. We are just getting rain now. Tomorrow we expect to me the worst with winds and very high waves which will beat down the seawall even more. Not a good scene. - Catherine

Gregory "Artman Greg" Huff said...

Thanks Catherine