Thursday, July 29, 2010

Woolworth's Lunch Counter

On Saturday, I was at a birthday party that my daughter was invited to. It was at a place that had kid-sized versions of different play areas, like a Post Office, a supermarket, a kitchen with a lunch counter, etc. Well, my daughter was all over the place having fun, but after awhile she decided she wanted to go to the play kitchen. There were other children in there, and an elderly white couple was sitting at two of the stools at the lunch counter. There was one stool left, so I decided to have a seat. In that split second as I sat down, my mind flashed to the Woolworth lunch counter back in 1960 when the black students sat down and were refused service because they were black. I thought about how (if I had been alive) I could have never sat down, even in pretend, at a lunch counter back then, and I was thankful to all those who made it possible for me to sit there today (and for my daughter to play with all different kinds of children in peace). Who knows, it might make an interesting subject for a scratchboard someday.

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