Sunday, March 6, 2011

The View From Here: An Afternoon at Round Valley, NJ

The weather was a little warm this weekend, so my daughter & I headed over to nearby Round Valley Recreation Area to spend some time together playing outside. This is the best time of year to go in my opinion, because it is free to get in before the season starts on Memorial Day. Otherwise it is $5 per car I think, and me being Mr. Frugal hasn't paid to visit the park yet. If it is up to me, we always go during off season:

They have nice picnic areas, and several play areas with outdoor gym equipment for the kids to play on:

Of course, Daddy couldn't resist getting on the swings himself!

Another nice thing about Round Valley is that there are several beach areas:

Plenty of room for nature walks, exploring God's creation and using it as a teaching lesson for my daughter. I know enough about the different kinds of trees and wildlife that I can point out certain things to her as we walk. Maybe next time we will bring a maginfying glass to take a look at the grains of sand, pinecones or bugs up close, or the other interesting tiny details most people miss.

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